Interfaith Spiritual Direction

Explore your spiritual path

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Spiritual Direction is…

Spiritual direction is an exploration of the spiritual dimensions of everyday life with a person who is trained in listening, deep reflection, and discernment. Anyone interested in bringing greater awareness to their relationship with God, Spirit, Source (however one defines and experiences this) can benefit from spiritual direction.

The focus of spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is not counseling or therapy. The primary focus of spiritual direction is identifying and responding to Spirit’s presence in one’s life rather than solving problems or tackling major issues.

The work we do ...

emphasizes growing closer to Spirit ... grows one’s understanding of their spiritual nature ... heightens one’s awareness of God’s presence in everyday life ... supports one’s commitment to being of service in the world through their relationships and work ...

What sessions are like

We begin our time together with a lighted candle, a rung bell, a moment (or two) of silence. We set aside the hustle and bustle of the day and welcome ourselves home to the present moment.

The work is ongoing and typically involves meeting for one hour every three or four weeks. Sessions may be by phone or Skype, and are specific to one’s journey.  I listen, ask questions, offer support and suggestions, guided by your wisdom and Spirit’s presence.  Spiritual direction sessions include silence, reflection and conversation.

It is common in spiritual direction sessions to explore:

Discernment issues: what might God be inviting me to do next? ... Hopes, struggles and losses ... Spiritual issues or questions ... Prayer practices ... Ways to integrate spirituality into daily life

The Process

If you are considering doing spiritual direction with me, the first step is to set up an initial complimentary 20-minute phone or Skype session to get acquainted. If it feels like a good match for the both of us, we'll schedule three additional meetings to begin and then evaluate the process and create a plan for continuing our work together. You can book your appointment by clicking here.