The Field Guide to Radical Self-Care, v 2.0


Original artwork by Maria Bovin de Labbe

It’s an honor to present to you, Your Field Guide to Radical Self-Care, updated for 2014

Nineteen gorgeous women who practice and/or teach the art of self-care stepped forward with their personal recipes to be included in this free offering, an update to the Guide I published in May 2013. Like the original ebook, this new edition (Version 2.0) is filled with heartfelt, soulful, and humorous advice; actionable steps; moving stories; and beautiful artwork.  But mostly what I hope you’ll find in these 70+ pages is the sense that you are not alone, and that there is a way out of the constant “do-ing” and into a new sense of simply “be-ing.”

Henry Thoreau famously said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

I say this:  Do not die with that song in your soul.  Engage in the care of your soul, the sacred work of Radical Self-care. Radical, because it goes against the stream.  Sacred, because it’s the most important work there is.

Please, take a stand. Stand up and be radical. Go against the stream and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. You’re the only you we have, and whether you believe it or not, you are deeply loved – just because you are you.

May this book be your beacon of hope. 

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